the best pet

a backyard rabbit
untamed, munching leftovers
with no strings attached


short for now

i don't have much time
for the things i want to write
someday: longer poems

just a guy

a guy in walmart
buying candy and chocolate
already sooo fat

crack alert

if you're going to squat
and you're wearing low cut jeans
would you please warn me



white spikes driving down
pin prick my skin face and eyes
covering my coat


emily's bedtime
pajamas, teeth, bath, kisses
sometimes an ordeal

by megan!

heres a hero frase.
never fear the blankets here!
here is a hero!


someday when they ask
what's for dinner i'll just say
your moms for dinner


i am on facebook
i like words more than people
people are stupid


hand socks

why are my feet cold?
cause i'm not wearing socks, but...
my hands don't wear socks

college break

"kids" are coming home
groceries, laundry, loud late nights
hope they buy TP

my baby

megan's school picture
she smiles, her teeth are crooked
my heart is crooked


paints are in the drawer
guitar stands in the corner
dishes in the sink

bens haircut

giving ben a trim
he's trying to watch tv
oops it's a mullet

lack of sleep

if i stay up late
i might finish my task list
or just watch conan